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Sex Crimes

No situation is more frightening than being accused of a sexual offense. Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer, Lizzy Bunker, is ready to take your case.

Albuquerque Sex Crimes Lawyer

No situation is more frightening for our clients than being accused of a sexual offense. However, the Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer on our legal team wants you to know that your charges are defensible, regardless of how bad things may seem. You have a chance to tell your side of the story through a strong defense backed by evidence under the law.

If you want to learn more about how Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law could support your defense, our sex crimes defense attorney in Albuquerque offers sound advice at no cost or obligation. Call 505.464.4844 to schedule your Free Consultation, either by phone, in person, or virtually.

Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law Wants to Tell Your Side of the Story

From prostitution to voyeurism, state and federal laws classify several actions as sex crimes. If convicted, you could face years of imprisonment, sex offender registration, fines, and counseling. Even upon release of your sentence, the sex offender social stigma will follow you around for the rest of your life, impacting your ability to work and find a safe home.

Types of cases our Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer, Lizzy Bunker, represents the following offenses (including the relevant New Mexico Statutes Annotated (NMSA) section):

  • Prostitution (§ 30-9-2)
  • Patronizing prostitutes (§ 30-9-3)
  • Promoting prostitution (§ 30-9-4)
  • Criminal sexual penetration (§ 30-9-11)
  • Criminal sexual contact (§ 30-9-12)
  • Indecent exposure (§ 30-9-14)
  • Voyeurism (§ 30-9-20)
  • Misdemeanor and felony sex crimes
  • Simple and aggravated sex offenses
  • Federal sex crimes
  • Other New Mexico sex crimes

You are not responsible for the consequences of another’s actions or that remain unproven by prosecutors. New Mexico’s criminal justice system requires them to prove your actions and intent with admissible, discoverable evidence. Otherwise, our Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer will point out the flaws in their cases, unlawful mistakes, and offer alternative theories as applicable.

A Successful Defense Starts with a Successful Strategy

Federal and New Mexico criminal courts must follow specific rules and procedures when prosecuting and adjudicating cases. That means they usually build their case before charging you formally, and sometimes, they do not always have their facts correct. Hiring an Albuquerque sex crimes attorney ensures that every mistake made when pursuing your charges comes to light and offers a chance for you to defend yourself.

Potential defenses that you might be able to use when charged with a sex crime could include:

  • Mistaken identity
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Police violations
  • Civil rights violations
  • Following improper procedure
  • And other defenses as applicable

Even if the prosecutor has a solid case against you or your loved one, other options exist during the pre-trial, trial, and sentencing phases of your case to support and argue for the most favorable outcome possible.

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There is hope even when facing charges of this magnitude. Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law wants to help you through this challenging and frightening moment. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling our Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer for a Free Consultation at 505.464.4844 today. You can also contact our legal team directly and privately via the contact form below.


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