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Are you or a family member under investigation, arrest, or awaiting trial for a crime in central New Mexico’s Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, or Valencia Counties? If so, the experienced and aggressive Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer at Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law wants to help you devise a strategic defense that helps you mitigate the impact on your future as much as possible. From exonerating defenses to favorable terms, our results-oriented legal team is ready to fight for your freedom and rights while meeting all obligations.

A criminal conviction in New Mexico could land you prison time, thousands in fines, offender registration, and loss of other civil rights. Do not let prosecutors get a conviction where you could have painted a more accurate picture with Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law before a judge or jury. Get more information about your legal options with a Free Consultation by calling our Albuquerque criminal defense attorney at 505.464.4844.

New Mexico’s criminal statutes under Chapter 30 encompass a wide range of offenses. More importantly, the law tells prosecutors what actions, intent, and causation (sometimes) constitute a crime. If your actions, intent, and causation did not meet the statutory definition of your charges, sufficient evidence, and proper procedure, you should not face a criminal conviction.

Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer, Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law, defends against assault and battery, domestic violence, drug, sex, murder, and capital murder offenses throughout Central New Mexico courts:

Assault and Battery

An experienced Albuquerque assault and battery lawyer will help you fight back in the courtroom when prosecutors accuse you of committing assault or battery, either simple or aggravated. Police may have missed evidence during their investigation or opposing counsel might simply be wrong. Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law will set the public record straight.

Domestic Violence

Even a mere domestic violence (DV) accusation can cause significant reputational damage. When prosecutors decide to formally charge you, things are more serious, leading to the possibility of a conviction without someone pointing out inconsistent stories, lack of evidence, and other violations committed by the accusatory family or household member. Hire our Albuquerque domestic violence lawyer to take back as much control over the narrative as possible.

Drug Charges

Our Albuquerque drug charges lawyer defends people accused of possession, trafficking distribution, felonies, misdemeanors, and federal offenses. Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law takes an aggressive approach on behalf of clients to prevent the consequences of a drug conviction, including prison time, fines, treatment, custody loss, and other penalties.

Murder and Capital Murder

From capital murder to involuntary manslaughter, we have the experience serious charges deserve. Our Albuquerque murder and capital murder lawyer will stand by your or your loved one’s side throughout their entire defense, including the investigation, arrest, indictment, pretrial, trial, and sentencing phases.

Sex Crimes

Sex offense convictions are among the worst to have on your public record. Securing employment, seeing your kids, and finding a home will be challenging even long after you have served time. Put our Albuquerque sex crimes lawyer on your legal defense to ensure that you do not pay the price for an uncommitted or unproven crime.

Our Albuquerque Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights for Your Rights and Future.

Depending upon your charges, prosecutors will charge your alleged offense as a misdemeanor or felony, both carrying severe penalties. However, a felony has longer prison sentences, fines, and other requirements. Years in prison and the loss of certain civil rights will most likely have a significant impact on your life, even after serving your sentence and paying the courts.

Potential Maximum Penalties

Our Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer wants to protect you from the following maximum state-level penalties, including:

  • Misdemeanors: Starting at up to 364 years in jail and fines of $1,000
  • Capital murder: Starting at up to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole
  • Felonies: Starting at up to life in prison and fines of $17,500

Certain offenses allow the sentencing judge to require additional measures, such as offender registration, loss of driving privileges, probation, gun rights loss, custody loss, community service, offender treatment, and much more. Give yourself every fighting chance at freedom by putting our legal team behind your case and defense.

Potentially Viable Defenses

Before fighting your case at trial, it is critical to determine which admissible defenses are available for your case. Otherwise, you cannot go to trial, leaving you with fewer options. Beginning with the end in mind is a successful weapon when devising a case strategy and providing clients with legal options.

After reviewing the known facts of your case, your Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer may recommend one of the following:

  • Alibi defenses
  • A case of mistaken identity
  • Self-defense
  • Wrongful arrest
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Inadmissible evidence
  • Police errors
  • Prosecutor errors
  • Court errors
  • Did not meet the burden of proof
  • Other viable defenses

If an admissible defense is not available in your case, we will let you know this information. However, you are still not without legal options since negotiating can occur during the pretrial phase of your case. Even if convicted, an Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer ensures that you do not pay for an unfair share of penalties.

Why Hire an Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney at Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law

We take a personalized approach to every case that comes through our law office’s doors. Every client has a story to tell, backed by facts, evidence, and compelling arguments. When you want to put a strong, experienced legal team on your side, hire Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law to represent your case

If you choose us as your defense counsel, expect our Albuquerque criminal defense attorney to provide:

  • Free consultations
  • Investigatory resources
  • Ongoing advice and counsel
  • An approachable “desk-side” manner
  • Strategic defense
  • Pretrial phase defense
  • Trial phase defense
  • Expert and eyewitness communications
  • Other legal services for your defense.

Clients rave about our services and, most importantly, the ability to achieve results. When they come to us for legal advice, they are often surprised by how many legal options are potentially available for getting a favorable disposition of their charges or sentences. Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law will take the time to hear your side of things, ask strategic questions, and investigate the facts from your perspective, not the prosecutor’s potentially skewed vision.

Find Out More About Your Charges During a Free Consultation

A no-cost, no-obligation consultation with the legal team at Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law is your opportunity to ask our Albuquerque criminal defense lawyer as many questions as you need or want. We understand that this moment is one of the most frightening that you face and getting as much information as possible is critical to your future and peace of mind. Instead of the process of finding the right legal team being arduous, our firm will offer you or your loved one a straightforward, simple process with dedicated attention.

No one should pay the price for a crime committed by someone else or that remains unproven by prosecutors. Get your Free Consultation with Lizzy Bunker, Attorney at Law as soon as today by calling 505.464.4844. You can also send her a confidential message about your charges below, and we will schedule your in-person, telephone, or virtual appointment at your earliest convenience.


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